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March brown of Limousin

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Professional Fishing instructor-guide in Haute-Vienne
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What says my clients


Thierry Godard

September 21, 2008 - Beautiful day in company of a young fishing guide, stéphane Robin, discovered beautiful river and a splendid area and to crown the whole very good restaurant "the caravelle " with sight on the Lake of Vassivière.
And even if the trout were not with us, we learn deepen techniques of tippet, line and knots and Stephane communicated to us with kindness his love of fishing. Thank you again.
Thierry Godard
Philipe Triboit

Philippe Triboit

Fishing party, September 21, 2008 for the closing of trout season, with Philippe and Thierry on Vienne river  at Nedde(87), near to Eymoutiers. Time was not with us, because the morning the temperature was close to 2°Celsius. In spite of the appearance of the sun in the morning misty and fresh, the wind of the North-East rose. We could see some rising trout on large pools which we were fishing. After the lunch pause, deserved well, we went on a part with much more faster water between Nedde and Eymoutiers. The sun was always with us and the temperature bordered the 15 to 17°C, but unfortunately the wind of the North-East was always of the part making sometimes the throws difficult.
Nevertheless I caught a beautiful brown trout (with a CDC fly) in front of Philippe. As for Thierry who fished a little upstream of us, it was the same thing: "lady fario" did not want to move to catch the imitations which this one presented to hers. Around 6 o’clock, after dialogue we decided to fold the material and to give “rendez vous”  to "lady fario" the next year.

As for me, I make a point of thanking Thierry and Philippe for their kindness, their attention and their participation. I hope that I could bring some knowledge to them on the fishing tackle, the gestural one and the various types of flies during this pleasant day which for me passed well too quickly.