Mon territoire de pêche en Haute Vienne
Une truite du Limousin  


My fishing territory in Haute Vienne

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Hydrografic sheme of Haut Limousin

Current or still, water abounds in the rivers, the lakes and the ponds. We can count on the whole on the department of Haute-Vienne : 7 000 kilometers of river including 300 in second category and 6 700 in first category. A true fishing dream! 
Country of trout and grayling, Haute-Vienne offers also splendid courses to game fish and curse on calm and green banks with the multiple landscapes.
In love with wild brown trout, grayling, carp or pike, many fishing courses easily accessible awaits you on banks of the large lakes, the water levels and the rivers of Haute-Vienne. Located on the buttresses of the massif central, the department of Haute-Vienne makes it possible many to practice all fishing on rivers of 1st and 2nd category but also on its many lakes and ponds, and this in the Country of the High Limousin. For example, lakes de Mondon, du Pont à l'age, Lac de Saint Pardoux, Lac de Vassivière et étang de Bessine)

Course "to fish the brown trout  and the grayling:
Vienne and its affluent (upstream of Limoges) descend Millevaches plateau in a preserved environment of gorges and small valleys. On the plateau, Vienne has a profile of run and uniform currents, sometimes faster currents with height of the breaks of grounds. It becomes more faster like starting from Eymoutiers. All this part lends itself admirably to sport fishing, the trout are numerous there. With the flies, with natural bait, or light spinning according to the seasons, the whole valley and its affluent remain the territory of the wild brown leaping, diverting, often invisible but always presents.

  • The grayling :

Thanks to large efforts of stocking with fish, the grayling noble fish, found the rivers of the department. Even if the most part of the population is around Saint Léonard de Noblat, the fishermen who will prefer Combade or Briance will not be disappointed.

Un ombre de la Vienne

A grayling of Vienne river

  •   No-kill course :

This one is in Eymoutiers a village brood on the buttresses of Millevaches plateau, at 400 meters high. Vienne which crosses it is without question the most beautiful trout river of Haute-Vienne. Since the Bussy’s dam while going up to the bridge of Macaud in centre town, the "No-kill" course extends on 1100 meters. Only the artificial lures without barb are authorized there to release trout and grayling under the best conditions.
This course is addressed as well to the confirmed fishermen as to the beginners, eager to take beautiful fish in an environment of quality.

Mains rivers of north Haute-Vienne :

Gartempe valley and its affluents (Link to the page) :

Gartempe, is one of the most beautiful rivers of the department. This river is classified in 1st category between Folles and Bessines on Gartempe. On this part, the river runs in a wooded and boxed valley. From Bessines on Gartempe this one becomes broader and deeper with barred sharp and powerful currents reserves and mills. There too "the lady brown" is quite present. The majority of reserves are equipped with master key with fish because we could observe some salmon increase on Gartempe.
Two famous corners "to track the large brown trout":

  • The Gartempe at viaduc de Rocherolles à Folles.
  • The Semme river at the bridge of Montannau

The Couze (at Saint Symphorien on couze link to pictures) :The valley of Couze presents small gorges. The brook descends a small rather strong slope on a rock bed from where emerges that and there of the rocks so much on the banks than in the medium of the rivers. The flow is rather significant in winter period, on the other hand in summer period, we can note a small fall of the water level… but reassure you, it remains enough water to practice our favorite sport in order to tease "beautiful brown trout" ATTENTION of the PARRS if you take some, their morphology is different but close to trout and it should imperatively be released.

The Brame ( link to pictures):
The river is classified in 2nd category; this one is very boxed and timbered. The site "the jump of Brame" is a registered site. In the zone upstream of the valley, the rocks encumber the river and cause splendid rapids. Initially those are rather small, then they become extensive, to take again a more sinuous aspect further a few kilometers.
If you are expert fisherman, you will be able to test yourselves there with extra-light spinning or with the natural bait, behind each stones a brown is hiding place which will get beautiful emotions to you. On this course the trout are sharp and being wary.

La Benaize ( link pictures) :
This river of 2nd category crosses the north of Haute-Vienne while passing in Sulpice les feuilles there it curves between meadow and forest with calm places and sometimes current. This one is thrown in the Lake Mondon (famous for its games fish). Downstream from the lake, Benaize takes a form of mountain torrent , narrow and passing between large rock blocks skirting under wood, you will be able to then try to tease trout, the chevesne, and many other fish. This portion of river favourable with the practice of bait fishing, the ultra light spinning  and for is informed among you with the fly.

Vue sub-aquatique d'un ombre de la Vienne

sub-aquatic picture of a Vienne's grayling.




Link to the hydrographic map of Haute Vienne


Stéphane Robin en guidage